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Five innovators you’ve never heard of

Give it up for these innovators in science! We have these five creators, researchers and inventors to thank for very disparate things – like the discovery of the Plesiosaur, raincoats that keep us dry and the piano to keep us entertained!  Read on to find out which incredible minds we have to thank – and…

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Happy fourth of July! We’re celebrating this day by spotlighting our two most patriotic-looking birds, our golden eagles. CuriOdyssey is home to two golden eagles, one female, Ishta, and one male, Oro.  Ishta came to us in 2000 after she was hit by a car and sustained internal injuries, in addition to a fractured beak…

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Did you know that rainbows are caused by an aspect of refraction called dispersion? Light waves of different frequencies (colors) bend different amounts. In most cases, this is not noticeable, but prisms make use of this to spread out the spectrum so we can see all of the colors. Violet light bends the most, with…

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This post is the first in a series about local conservations organizations. Interview with a Local Animal Rescue Kelli Rockafellow, a former animal keeper at CuriOdyssey, owns and operates an animal sanctuary for animals that have no other home. Kelli along with her husband, Mike, provide their animals with a stable and loving environment, excellent…

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Every year, more than 120 volunteers spend time on a regular basis at CuriOdyssey educating visitors, assisting campers, facilitating exhibits and activities, caring for our animals, and helping behind the scenes. In honor of National Volunteer Week (April 12-18, 2015), we’re highlighting two of our volunteers who spend time every month helping visitors explore our…

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At CuriOdyssey, we’re committed to not only providing our animals with the best possible care, but also ensuring that our impact goes beyond our walls through a variety of conservation efforts. CuriOdyssey’s Ringtail, “Amala” Our latest conservation effort is focused on ringtail field research.  And if the animal name “ringtail” sounds familiar to you, it’s…

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Picture of Harrier by Kevin Shoban

This spring, we’re featuring photographs by Kevin Shoban on our North Gallery walls.  Kevin is not only a gifted photographer, but he’s also no stranger to CuriOdyssey where he serves as an Animal Keeper Intern, tending to our many non-releasable animals. Kevin’s exhibition is California-focused and features stunning landscapes of places like Cascade Falls and…

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Wells Fargo Donation

CuriOdyssey’s 60th Anniversary year has come to a close, and we’d like to take a moment to express to our supporters our gratitude for a successful 12 months. The year 2014 was an exceptional one that gave us much to celebrate – including the highest attendance in the organization’s recent history. We also received numerous…

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Egg Drop

One of the most popular children’s nursery rhymes is the tale of Humpty Dumpty. Most of us even know the rhyme by heart that begins,  “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…” And we all know what happens to the protagonist in the end – he breaks and can’t be…

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