Afterschool Makers Club

For 5th-7th grade students

A unique science and engineering program for 5th-7th grade students. Join in the “Maker” movement which emphasizes learning by doing and encourages creativity, invention, and innovation. Over the series of courses students will be designing, building, and tinkering with the goal of making a creation that they will exhibit at CuriOdyssey’s booth at Maker Faire 2017! CuriOdyssey staff will have several project ideas centered around “Power and Patterns”, allowing unique experience for the first time or returning participant. Learning safe tool usage, drawing schematics, building and testing, and plenty of tinkering will precede the final product. CuriOdyssey educators will provide guidance and support to our young “Do It Yourselfers” (DIY) and students will enjoy an authentic hands-on science and engineering practices that develop important critical thinking skills.

Students will be able to experience a day at Maker Faire 2017 as a participant and representative of CuriOdyssey Makers Club. Maker Faire 2017 will be held at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds May 19 - 21. If your child likes to be creative, enjoys a challenge, and/or is inspired by making things, then don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the “Maker” community.

The Maker’s Club will have two sessions.  Both sessions will have participants “making”. The fall session will emphasize the engineering process and the winter/spring session will include participation in Maker Faire 2017.